4-1. Game Option - Mode

  • There are 8 modes. More mode will be updated.
1. Individual Classic
  • Players compete each other for the 1st place.
2. Two out of three Fam Battle
  • Players compete as Fam for the 1st Fam.
  • Game can only start when every player is in Fam and a team is made of same Fam members.
  • Minimum 4 players needed.
3. Meeting Party Propose
  • Guys and girls find their mate.
  • Game can start when the male/female rate(2:2~4:4) of the room is same.
  • Minimum 4 players needed.
4. Nonstop Crazy
  • There is no rest time. Challenge your skills to be the best!
5. Team Survival
  • Players make one team. Hit WOW to get the opponents out! If you're out, you put on funny mask.
  • Minimum 2 players needed.
6. Beat PangPang
  • It's for you who want to earn more Beat.
7. Couple PangPang
  • Show off your love gauge and earn more Beat!
  • Game gender can play this mode.
  • Minimum 2 players needed.
8. Bomb Bomb
  • A bomb will be passed around. There is a penalty when you didn't collect WOW.
  • Minimum 2 players needed.