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[End] Update 27.2.2019: New Membership, Garden Level Unblocked, Challengers Event, X2 Cash Bundle and more.
Love Beat
2019.02.27 15:21:25
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** The time was wrong in Server downtime and Event Date. Please re-check the time. **



We will be performing a maintenance to update new contents and events.

During this time, the game is not available for play.



Server downtime

- February 27 @9:00 PM - February 28 @0:00 AM (Pacific Time, UTC-8)

- February 28 @6:00 AM - 9:00 AM (Central European Time, UTC+1)

- February 28 @1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Philippines Time, UTC+8)

* The end time is subject to change depending on the situation.

The MA was over at 11:24 PM (Pacific Time).


Patch Notes

1. New Membership

- New membership update! The membership offers free coupons, Heart and other items at a discount. You can buy it at M Shop in Lobby.

- You need to login everyday to take all of the items from the membership. If you miss a day, you cannot take its daily gift.

- The time is Pacific Time. (*Not your local time). Just type #time in a chat box to check the current time.


2. Garden Level Unblocked

- The max Garden level increases 10. The max level is 55 after this update.

- The Garden page is renewal. We add the number button to go to a certain page quickly.

- New Garden items are released for sale.


3. New Skin/Background

- New Skin and Background for a personal user, couple and fam users are released.


4. Other fashion items update


5. New 4 songs update

- Je vais bien by EL MANU (Difficulty: 3, 5)

- Kinda Magic by ED NAPOLI (Difficulty: 3, 8)

- Never Deny by SOUNDATELIER (Difficulty: 4, 7)

- Wild by ILONA AKIMOVA / JUICE BIG CITY (Difficulty: 6, 10)



New/Ongoing Events

1. Challengers Event

- Complete, Take Daily Reward and prizes for rankers!

- Exclusive Prizes for rankers: 100% Off Coupon, Royal Cat’s Egg, Permanent Hair Coupon, 7 Day Acc Coupon, Lala Magic.

- Date: February 28 - March 27 @10PM (Pacific Time)


2. X2 Cash Bundle

- You obtain doubled Cash. Don’t miss this offer!

- Please note that it’s only one time offer per charge amount.

- Date: February 27 (After MA.) - March 13 (Before MA.) (Pacific Time)


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