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Update 20.3.2019: New Kiss Pack, One-seater vehicle ‘Unicorn’ & Ongoing Events.
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2019.03.20 11:52:54
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We update new items on March 20 (Pacific Time).


[Important] We afraid that there is a wrong event notice posted about 1 week ago.

Please check all the ongoing events’ details in this post again.


Patch Notes

1. New ‘Kiss Pack’ for Sale

- The pack contains ‘Couple Card’ and an exclusive emote ‘Little Kiss’, ‘Love Power Up(10+3)’.

- This is a limited time offer until next maintenance (March 27 @10PM, Pacific Daylight Time)!


2. New one-seater vehicle ‘Blue/Pink Unicorn’ for Sale

- The Unicorn has a buff (Fam+25).


Ongoing Events

1. Special Giveaways for VIP

- We prepare gifts for who spend Cash during the event period. The rewards vary depending on the amount of Cash spent.

- Reward:

1) Love Power(5+1) for 5000+ Cash spent.

2) Exclusive Seed, which it can give you Couple EXP and 60% Off coupon, for 25,000+ Cash spent.

3) Exclusive Permanent Wolf Costume (Set/Teen Body Only) for 50,000+ Cash spent.

4) Exclusive Permanent Sunglasses (Accessory/All Bodies/Buff: Love Point+5%) for 100,000+ Cash spent.

5) Exclusive Permanent Wings (Accessory/All Bodies/Buff: EXP+10%, Fam+20, Love+25%) for 200,000+ Cash spent.

- The rewards will be sent after this event is over.

- Date: March 13 (After MA./@10PM) - March 27 (Before MA./@10PM) (Pacific Daylight Time)


2. Hot Time Event

- Log in in the event time and stay at least 30 minutes. Then, you can obtain a Hot Time Box.

- Reward: 50000 Beat, Set Coupon (7days), CoupleCard, 50 Hearts, 100% Off Coupon and more.

- Date: March 13 (After MA./@10PM) - March 27 (Before MA./@10 PM) (Pacific Daylight Time)

- Event Time (Pacific Daylight Time): 4AM - 5AM, 11AM - Noon, 7PM - 8PM

- Event Time (Central European Time): 3AM - 4AM, Noon - 1PM, 7PM - 8PM

- Event Time (Philippines Time): 2AM - 3AM, 10AM - 11AM, 7PM - 8PM


3. New clothes package for Sale

- Exclusive Dance Box containing one random dance emote.

- Date for Sale: March 13 (After MA./@10PM) - March 27 (Before MA./@10PM) (Pacific Daylight Time)


4. Challengers Event

- Complete, Take Daily Reward and prizes for rankers!

- Exclusive Prizes for rankers: 100% Off Coupon, Royal Cat’s Egg, Permanent Hair Coupon, 7 Day Acc Coupon, Lala Magic.

- Date: February 28 (Pacific Standard Time) - March 27 (Before MA./@10PM) (Pacific Daylight Time)


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