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[End] Update 27.3.2019: Zodiac Collection, New Rare Item, Login Event, X2 Cash Bundle and more.
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2019.03.27 10:11:56
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We plan to perform a regular maintenance to update new contents as in following.

Please note that you’re unable to play it while this maintenance (MA).



Server Downtime

- March 27 @10 PM - March 28 @ 1 AM (Pacific Daylight Time/In-game time)

- March 28 @6 AM - @ 9 AM (Central European Time)

- March 28 @1 PM - @ 4 PM (Philippines Time)

* The end time is subject to change depending on the situation.

* If the time confuses you, please type #time at chat window (in-game) to check the current in-game time.



Patch Notes


1. Zodiac Collection

- You can obtain a permanent exclusive vehicle and daily rewards by completing its daily mission.

- You may obtain each Zodiac sign and its vehicle in a specific period.

- Learn more at Personal Information page (in-game).


2. New Rare Item in Magic Wardrobe

- You may obtain new Rare item ‘Bamboo Ring’ (VIP Room Bonus+25%) and ‘Oriental Fairy’ (LovePoint+30%) from Magic Wardrobe.

- You cannot obtain current Rare item ‘Exotic Golden R’ and ‘Exotic Jasmine’ after this maintenance.


3. Other Items

- New Face ‘Sulky Face’ (Teen and Idol body) are for sale.

- Other fashion items are released.


4. New Songs

- Tu mirada - El Menol by CTOONZMUSIC (Difficulty: 3, 7)

- Too Much Room by EMILY RICHARDS (Difficulty: 1, 3)

- Dance Till You're Drunk by JOOSTVD (Difficulty: 4, 7)

- 5 Color Photographs by BALSA RACERS (Difficulty: 2, 5)

- Mothership by KELLEE MAIZE (Difficulty: 4, 6)


5. Purchase option removed

- You’re unable to purchase permanent Beat item (Clothes and Accessories) after this maintenance.


6. Challengers Event and other current events are over.

- Rankers of Challengers can obtain their rewards at Challengers page (in-game). You can get it until April 10 @10 PM (Pacific Daylight Time).



New and Ongoing Events


1. X2 Cash Bundle

- You can obtain doubled Cash. Don’t miss this offer!

- Please note that it’s only one-time-offer per charge amount.

- Event Date: March 27 @10 PM (after this maintenance) - April 10 @10 PM (Pacific Daylight Time)


2. Hello April Login Event

- You can obtain a fabulous cloth and secret item when you login in the event date.

- Event Date: March 31 and April 1 (2 days) (Pacific Daylight Time)


3. Goodbye March, Hello April - 80% Off Sale Event

- Certain items are all at a discount of 80%!         

- Event Date: March 27 @10 PM (after this maintenance) - April 10 @10 PM (Pacific Daylight Time)


4. New Face Package for Sale

- You can obtain the new Face item and an exclusive facial item! (they’re all permanent.)

- Event Date: March 27 @10 PM (after this maintenance) - April 10 @10 PM (Pacific Daylight Time).


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