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[Edit] **[Event Alert] Fun playtime with GM**
Love Beat
2019.04.09 17:28:20
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Hello, I’m GMLove.


GM (GMLove or GMBeat) will log in the game every Friday for an hour!

Let’s play together, and receive a small gift!!

[Edit] We don't send the gift to people who already win the gift in the day. (No same winners)

I’m afraid that GMs may be unable to reply to your inquiry in the game,

so please contact us via forum or email if you have any questions.


[Event Time]

- Midnight - @1AM, Friday (Pacific Time)

- @9AM - @10AM, Friday (Central European Summer Time)

- @3PM - @4PM, Friday (Philippines Time)

- The time is subject to change depending on the situation.


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