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Update 01.05.2019: New Fashion items, X2 Cash Bundle, Hot Time and more.
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2019.04.30 13:43:04
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We update new items on May 1st (Pacific Daylight Time).


Patch Notes

1. New fashion items


New and Ongoing Events

1. X2 Cash Bundle

- You can obtain doubled Cash. Don’t miss this offer!

- Please note that it’s only one-time-offer per charge amount.

- Event Date: April 24 @10PM (after this maintenance) - May 8 @10PM (Pacific Daylight Time)


2. Hot Time Event

- Log on in the event time and stay at least 30 min, Grab a Hot Time Box!

- Reward: 50000 Beat, All Channel Shoutout, Double Power, Dye Box, Royal Cat’s Egg. (one of them)

- Date: April 24 @10PM (after this maintenance) - May 8 @10PM (Pacific Daylight Time)

- Event Time (Pacific Daylight Time): 4AM-5AM, 11AM-Noon, 7PM-8PM

- Event Time (Central European Summer Time): 1PM-2PM, 8PM-9PM, 4AM-5AM

- Event Time (Philippines Time): 7PM-8PM, 2AM-3AM, 10AM-11AM


3. Zodiac Collection - Taurus

- Zodiac Collection, Taurus, ends on May 20. Don’t miss the Taurus reward!

- Reset time of Zodiac Collection is 6AM (Pacific Time).

- Taurus Date: April 20 - May 20 (Pacific Time)


4. Refer-A-Friend Event

- Invite your friends and grab rewards (Bonus Experience(20), Bonus Beat(20), Lala Magic).

- Special Event1: We will give 100% Off Coupon to 5 players who invite 30+ players.

- Special Event2: If new players join this event and reach level 10+ until this event is over, both the new players and players who invited them will get Royal Cat’s Egg (total 10 players).

- Event Date: April 10 @10PM (After this MA) - May 8 @10PM (Pacific Time)

- Rewards of the special events are delivered after May 8 @10PM.


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