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[End] [Edit] Update 10.04.2019: Happy Easter Event, Refer-A-Friend Event, Special Cash Bonus Event and more.
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2019.04.10 10:37:52
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We plan to perform a regular maintenance to update new contents as in following.
Please note that you’re unable to play it while this maintenance (MA).


[Edit] We noticed a bug of Fam level-up rewards, so we fix it in this patch and will send missing rewards soon. Please learn more below about it.


Server Downtime

- April 10 @10 PM - April 11 @ 1 AM (Pacific (Daylight) Time, In-game Time)
- April 11 @7 AM - @10 AM (Central European Summer Time)
- April 11 @1 PM - @ 4 PM (Philippines Time)
* The end time is subject to change depending on the situation.
* If the time confuses you, please type #time at chat window (in-game) to check the current in-game time.
* This maintenance is over at 11:34 PM, April 10 (Pacific Time).


Patch Notes

1. New Items
- A 2nd Prime Pack is released. It contains permanent coupons and Dye Boxes. You can get all the items at a discounted price.
- Other fashion items are released.

2. New Songs
- Une Nuit by MEL'S (Difficulty: 2, 4)
- live like that by THE VERANDAS (Difficulty: 3, 6)
- Thank you by LOON ATTIC (Difficulty: 3, 5)
- Blinded by the lights of Tokyo by THE KYOTO CONNECTION (Difficulty: 4, 7)
- Everlasting (Dance) by ATOMIC CAT (Difficulty: 6, 10)

3. Info of reset time in Zodiac Collection added
- The reset time is written in the guide page which you can check by pressing ‘?’ button in the Zodiac Collection page.

4. Challenger reward period and current events are over.

5. Bug-fix
- The bug that Fam members (except one of them) cannot obtain their Fam level-up rewards for Fam level 11+ is fixed.
- We will send the missing rewards except some users who already left the Fam or don't meet minimum Fam Contribution requirements.

New and Ongoing Events

1. Special Cash Bonus Event
- You can charge only $0.99 or obtain more Cash!
- Event Date: April 10 @10PM (After this MA) - April 24 @10PM (Pacific Time)

2. Happy Easter Event
- Play to collect egg stamps and exchange them for rewards.
- You can get the egg when you play with other users (Individual mode: more than 2 players, Team mode: more than 4 players).
- Event Date: April 10 @10PM (After this MA) - April 24 @10PM (Pacific Time)

3. Refer-A-Friend Event
- Invite your friends and grab rewards (Bonus Experience(20), Bonus Beat(20), Lala Magic).
- Special Event1: We will give 100% Off Coupon to 5 players who invite 30+ players.
- Special Event2: If new players join this event and reach level 10+ until this event is over, both the new players and players who invited them will get Royal Cat’s Egg (total 10 players).
- Event Date: April 10 @10PM (After this MA) - May 8 @10PM (Pacific Time)
- Rewards of the special events are delivered after May 8 @10PM.

4. New Wings Box For Sale
- You can get one of Angel Wings from the new Wings box. Each item has a different effect.
- Selling Date: April 10 @10PM (After this MA) - April 24 @10PM (Pacific Time)

5. Zodiac Collection
- Zodiac Collection, Aries, ends on April 19. Don’t miss the Aries reward!
- Reset time of Zodiac Collection is 6AM (Pacific Time).
- Aries Date: March 28 - April 19 (Pacific Time)
- Taurus Date: April 20 - May 20 (Pacific Time)