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[Notice] LoveBeat Policy on illegal programs
Love Beat
2017.02.01 14:26:46
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Hello, This is GMLove.

We’ve got the report said about illegal program which makes players buy items in Heart (one of in-game currency) although we don’t sell the items in Heart.


According to our conduct rules, - You will not: cheat, hack, exploit or modify the game -, we give a sanction to all users who have used this program without any prior notification.


The cheaters are already banned permanently. Also, we’re investigating all purchase history and today, ban to modify game system.

Players who have any concern or objection to the sanction can send an email to us at for the settlement of the issue.


However, we are not responsible for any disadvantages occurred by restriction.

In addition, we’ll give a sanction to all cheaters who get unfair profits from illegal programs, not limited to the program above.


Please report other illegal program to us if you know it.

Thank you.


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