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LoveBeat Policy on fixed Fam battles
Love Beat
2017.08.10 17:05:21
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Hello, This is GM Love.


We are fully aware of the harmful effect of fixed Fam battles. For rooting it up, we constantly discussed it.

Finally, its policy is decided although it took a long time. We will solve this problem by following measures quickly.


Criterion of fixed Fam battles

- In the following cases, it will be recognized as a fixed Fam battle. Please do not try any action that may be suspected as fixed.

1) Keep winning or losing Fam battles by forcing quit games in the middle of that.

2) Keep winning or losing Fam battles by playing with certain Fam(s) only.


Penalty for fixed Fam battles

- 1st penalty: Give a warning to the Fam’s master

- 2nd penalty: Deduct Fam points from the fixed Fam battles

- 3rd penalty: Initialize the Fam grade (make it level 1)


According to above policy, All of following Fams received a warning. (Here’s the Fam name and last 3 letters replaced with *.)









Depending on the level of its transgression, more severe sanctions can be enacted to the offenders.

If you have any concern and dispute, you can email to LoveBeat Support( for the resolution.

Revocation is possible if you can confirm that the issue was not intentional. However, we are not responsible for any inquiry disadvantages occurred by restriction.


Apart from this policy, we found lots of actions that they get minimum score for rewards (Exp, Beat) and then don’t play anymore.

We will change the minimum score higher to prevent this inappropriate acts on August 31 (Pacific Time).


Thank you for your cooperation.