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LoveBeat Policy on Game Abusing Cases
Love Beat
2018.02.20 18:35:26
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Hello, This is GM Beat.

Hope everyone's preparing for the wonderful start of the Spring.

Thanks to many players who love to play fair, we could revise the game policy on overall game abusing sanctions including fixed Fam battle.

The policies below are the new policy for in-game abusing and will be enforced from February. The sanctions against abusers have intensified. Please appreciate other players' right and cooperate for the clean LoveBeat.


Criterion of fixed Fam battles


- In the following cases, it will be recognized as a fixed Fam battle. Please do not try any action that may be suspected as fixed.

1) Keep winning or losing Fam battles by forcibly quitting games in the middle of playing. Considering network problem, the standard for the sanctions has revised more rationally to minimize unfair treatments.

2) Keep winning or losing Fam battles by playing with certain Fam(s) only.


Penalties for fixed Fam battles

- 1st penalty: Fam point deduction from the fixed Fam battles

- 2nd penalty: Withdrawal of all Fam points

- 3rd penalty: Compulsory disband the Fam

Sanctions for illegal program detection


- Using a program that has not been officially released to take advantages of the game will be subjected to sanctions.

1) Penalties for Manipulating game plays

- 1st penalty: 7 days of account suspension

- 2nd penalty: Permanent account suspension

2) Penalty for using cash or item operation program

- 1st penalty: Withdrawal of all items and cash gained illegally.

If it is impossible to withdraw all of them, the account will be permanently suspended.

The same penalty will be given to the player who received illegally gained items as an in-game gift.


Inappropriate Chattings and nicknames


Inappropriate or offensive chats and Nickname include Swearing, cursing, porn, hacking, racism, drugs, and the words others may feel discomfort.

This also contains chatting or Shoutout by repeating same chats that give disapproval to others.

1) Penalties for inappropriate chattings

- 1st penalty: Block chatting for 7 days

- 2nd penalty: Block chatting for 14 days

- 3rd penalty: 7 days of account suspension

2) Penalties for inappropriate nicknames

- 1st penalty: Forces to change Nickname with an offer of ‘Name change’ item

- 2nd penalty: Forces to change Nickname (will be no provision of ‘Name change’ item)


Depending on the level of its transgression, more severe sanctions can be enacted to the offenders. For any concern and dispute, please email LoveBeat Support( for the resolution.

Revocation is possible if you can confirm that the issue was not intentional. However, we are not responsible for any inquiry disadvantages occurred by restriction.


If you have any concern or suggestion, please feel free to contact our Support and GMs.

Thank you for your cooperation.